15:33 21 Feb 2024

Czech millionaire donates $2 million for FPV drones for Ukraine through retweet fundraiser

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Czech philanthropist Jan Barta has launched a global campaign to support Ukraine.

He raised over $2 million to purchase FPV drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Rubryka reports.

What's the problem?

The Ukrainian military utilizes advanced technologies, including FPV drones, to avoid significant losses among soldiers. These quadcopters can destroy enemy light equipment and personnel without endangering Ukrainian defenders. Unfortunately, such drones are one-use, so soldiers need thousands of them in the realities of modern warfare.

While Ukraine is moving toward large-scale production, donations from Ukrainians and foreigners who support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, often in very creative ways, help to grow drone capabilities.

Barta said he could not sit idly by and not do anything to prevent the repetition of historical mistakes.

What's the solution?

Barta has launched a global campaign to support Ukraine by investing over $2 million in purchasing FPV drones for the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Specifically, Barta donated $100 to the Nemesis charity project for every retweet of his message on social media.

Barta provided a report on the number of reposts of his message and the amount of money transferred to the Nemesis project on social media.

How does it work?

The project's goal is to purchase 10,000 drones for Ukraine. As of February 20, the target level of $2 million was reached. The campaign was announced on February 18.

"It was madness! It took less than 24 hours to achieve the goal. The post was viewed by 1.2 million people, and we hope it will encourage more people to support Ukraine," the entrepreneur said.

About Jan Barta

39-year-old Jan Barta was born in California but currently resides in the Czech Republic. In 2022, he was listed in Forbes' list of the 100 richest people in the Czech Republic with assets totaling $86 million.

Previously, Barta owned one of the largest domain portfolios in the world and was one of the co-founders of ePojsteni.cz. Currently, he is a partner at the investment company Pale Fire Capital, where he is involved in investment search and structuring.

Over the past three months, 83% of Ukrainians have continued donating money or volunteering.

Rubryka reported that before the full-scale war, Ukrainian Leadership Academy team members collected their own libraries and filled their bookshelves. But in wartime, they decided to turn books into aid for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The charitable online bookstore "Book Forces of Ukraine" was born, where the proceeds from book sales are donated to the army's needs. Rubryka found out how it works and how much money has already been raised. Read more in our article.

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