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Solutions to win: volunteers use truck covers to craft stretchers for wounded soldiers

Фото: Дмитро Поліщук

Three volunteers from Zhytomyr are making stretchers for wounded Ukrainian soldiers using disposed covers for carrying truck cargo.

What is the problem?

Modern warfare can be described by its rapidity, variability of the combat situation, lack of a clear front line, and widespread use of modern means of destruction to the full operational depth.

These factors cause severe combat injuries among the personnel and require changes in the operational and tactical conduct of warfare.

Moving a wounded person to a safe area is an important component of the system of measures to provide first aid on the battlefield.

What is the solution?

In Zhytomyr, three men are making stretchers for wounded Ukrainian soldiers with disposed truck trailer tents.

Photo: Dmytro Polishchuk

How does it work?

The production was organized by entrepreneur Oleksii Serputko. He makes flexible windows, and a few months ago he and his father started making stretchers for wounded soldiers.

For three months, the men consulted with the military and sent the finished stretchers to the training grounds.

Now the first batch has been sent to the front line.

Photo: Dmytro Polishchuk

The manufacturing technology is quite simple. It takes about an hour to make one product.

The design provides for maximum ease of use. The developers took care of the wounded and those who will pull them out of the battlefield.

"For example, when a person lies down and his head is here, the stretcher rises and part of it covers the wounded head so that nothing hits it. We also thought out a system to prevent the legs from moving off. Everything here is as simple as possible. We didn't come up with anything so special, because, in my opinion, the military will not have time for something complicated, some complex system," said Oleksii.

Photo: Dmytro Polishchuk

Three people work on making the stretchers, each with a different task.

Dmytro cuts the tents and forms holes for eyelets, which are attachments for handles. After that, the blanks are soldered to make the sides, attach handles and fixings for the wounded.

Photo: Dmytro Polishchuk

The men buy all materials for money raised by volunteers. Oleksii says that they are ready to make as many stretchers as the military will ask for.

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