15:24 18 Feb 2024

Ukraine to receive the latest drones from France in a few weeks

Photo: From open sources

The French Defense Ministry Sébastien Lecorny has promised to supply Ukraine with the latest kamikaze drones in the coming weeks, he says to Le Monde.

According to the head of the defense ministry, France is developing kamikaze drones, which is currently in the experimental phase.

"In the coming weeks, Ukraine will be one of the first countries to receive these drones. This also presents an opportunity for combat testing of this new generation of equipment."

The minister also added that since the beginning of the full-scale war, France has trained 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers. According to him, in 2024, another 7,000 to 9,000 soldiers will undergo training.

The attention to drones comes at a time when Ukraine is facing a shortage of artillery that could become critical over the next three months, and the military may have to decide to focus on a narrower section of the frontline.

The UK and Latvia have already announced the transfer of thousands of drones to Ukraine as co-leaders of a large drone-related international coalition.

The UK is working with its allies, including the US, to provide Ukraine with thousands of new artificial intelligence-enabled drones.

NATO countries intend to provide one million drones to Ukrainian troops as part of military assistance.

Ukraine is also building a fleet of naval drones, which it is deploying to target Russian vessels in the Black Sea.


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