18 feb, 15:24

Ukraine to receive the latest drones from France in a few weeks

13 feb, 11:01

France, Germany, and Poland collaborate on joint strategy to counter Russian disinformation and bots

11 feb, 14:58

France sends 6,000 tablets to Kyiv schools

10 feb, 16:56

Zelensky and Macron discuss Ukraine's defense needs and security agreement via phone call

3 feb, 20:45

French prosecutor's office to investigate deaths of two French volunteers in Ukraine's Kherson region

1 feb, 19:59

Two French volunteers killed in Russian shelling of Kherson region

Video, photo
1 feb, 11:50

France to send self-propelled ferries to support Ukraine's logistics

28 jan, 20:53

United to win: France to supply Ukraine with 3,000 artillery ammo monthly

28 jan, 12:29

Three lions rescued from Ukraine find new home in France

Video, photo
26 jan, 13:25

France delivers rocket launching systems to Ukraine

19 jan, 15:24

Solutions to win: France starts 3-week dog handlers course for Ukrainian rescuers

18 jan, 12:59

France pledges monthly supply of dozens of fighter jet missiles and shells to Ukraine

18 jan, 11:28

France to produce 78 Caesar artillery systems for Ukraine

17 jan, 10:57

France to send Ukraine 40 long-range Scalp missiles and "several hundred bombs"

12 jan, 18:59

New French FM heading to Kyiv to meet with Zelensky

26 dec, 14:45

France donates ship to Ukraine to support grain export

24 dec, 16:51

Paris to host Artillery Coalition to bolster Ukrainian army

30 nov, 15:44

France to increase ammunition supply to Ukraine

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