15:55 25 Jan 2024

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill raises money to purchase 15 drones for Ukraine

Американський актор та амбасадор United24 Марк Гемілл. Фото з відкритих джерел

Mark Hamill, the Star Wars actor, helped to raise money for RQ-35 Heidrun drones for the Ukrainian forces.

The drones have already arrived in Ukraine, the actor says on X.

What is the problem?

Intelligence is the most important type of support for military operations, a set of activities of all commanders and staffs to obtain timely information about the enemy.

Reconnaissance troops often perform their tasks directly next to the enemy's location, using drones to locate Russian forces.

What is the solution?

Hollywood actor Mark Hamill helped to raise money for RQ-35 Heidrun drones, which have already arrived in Ukraine.

How does it work?

"The 15 RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance drones we raised funds for are already in Ukraine," said Mark Hamill.

These drones can transmit real-time video and receive intelligence. During operation, they do not endanger the operator, while being able to withstand enemy electronic warfare systems.

The RQ-35 Heidrun drones are manufactured by the Danish company Sky-Watch and are also being actively transferred to Ukraine by Germany.

It a fixed-wing drone that can be launched by hand and quickly collects data on enemy positions. The radius of data collection and streaming video transmission reaches up to 30 kilometers, while the generation of new 2D/3D mapping material reaches up to 25 kilometers.

The compact ground station has an IP68 enclosure protection rating and a universal mount for a short- or long-range antenna.

Hamill has previously raffled off a unique embroidered shirt to rebuild a school in Kyiv region.

In September 2022, he became an ambassador for the UNITED24 fundraising platformto help raise funds for the Army of Drones initiative.

Overall, he has raised more than $1.5 million for Ukraine combat drones.


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