15 aug, 12:18

Ukrainians have donated over ₴100 million to combat drone fundraiser in one day

29 jul, 14:29

Ukrainian boxer Usyk donates ₴12 mln toward country's reconstruction

29 jul, 13:22

UNITED24 Ambassador Scott Kelly has raised $600,000 for ambulances for Ukrainian doctors

25 jul, 15:09

Uniting hearts: Hollywood stars supported Ukraine at TOP USA Awards in New York

21 jul, 15:05

Ukrainian medics receive 40 ambulances via United24

21 jul, 11:54

Ukrainians show unprecedented support, making record-breaking donations for defense in June

27 jun, 19:31

United24 funds bridge reconstruction in Mykolaiv region

23 jun, 14:54

The Ukrainian boy featured in Imagine Dragons video is getting a new home

21 jun, 13:01

TVORCHI, Visa and UNITED24 Raised Almost UAH 12 Million in a Month to Save Premature Babies in Ukraine

17 jun, 15:58

UNITED24 funds start reconstruction of seventh residential complex in Kyiv region

8 jun, 15:55

UNITED24 and WOG gas station network fundraise to purchase all-terrain vehicles for rescue of flooded Kherson region

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8 jun, 13:55

UNITED24 initiates fundraiser to support rescuers responding to flooding after Russia's destruction of Kakhovka dam

4 jun, 15:24

United24 raises $1.2 mln to rebuild lyceum destroyed by Russian forces in Kyiv region

3 jun, 17:58

UNITED24 platform funds restoration of six residential complexes in Kyiv region

30 may, 15:25

Misha Collins, star of Supernatural, visits Kyiv as UNITED24 ambassador

25 may, 11:59

Ukraine's champion alpinist conquers Everest for the fifth time

20 may, 21:15

Restoration of three high-rise buildings starts in Kyiv region with UNITED24 funds

6 may, 15:19

United24 opens fundraising for Ukrainian education and science initiatives

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