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Eco-solutions: Kyiv region launches pilot project to process destruction waste

Photo: Oleksiy Kuleba

In the Kyiv region, three waste processing lines were recently opened in response to the damage caused by the war.

Mykola Boyko, deputy head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, reported this.

What is the problem?

More than 28,800 objects were damaged in the Kyiv region, including almost 26,000 private and multi-story buildings.

About 16,600 objects have now been entirely or partially restored.

They are rebuilt with funds of:

  • United24,
  • Fund for liquidation of the consequences of armed aggression,
  • regional programs, "YeVidnovlennia" program;
  • as well as international organizations and foundations.

However, due to the large-scale destruction experienced by the metropolitan region, a lot of construction debris was formed in the region.

It is currently stored at 32 sites in various territorial communities.

What is the solution?

A pilot project to manage the waste produced by war-related destruction is currently being carried out in the Kyiv region.

As part of the initiative's implementation, three waste processing lines will operate on the region's territory with the involvement of special equipment provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Photo: Oleksiy Kuleba

How does it work?

As of today, the Japan Agency for International Cooperation has already provided 30 units of special equipment for processing construction waste.

It will be used for:

  • dismantling of destroyed objects,
  • transportation and disposal of construction waste.

"Recycling and disposal of waste is an important aspect of reconstruction. After all, in the process of dismantling destroyed and rebuilding objects, the amount of construction waste is constantly increasing. We must not just eliminate this waste but apply the ecological principle of disposal. Sorting, processing, and reusing material is the correct approach. For this purpose, one stationary processing line in Borodianka and two mobile ones will work in the region, which will carry out work in other settlements as needed," said Mykola Boyko.

He noted that territorial communities are updating data on the amount of such waste and needs.

After that, a work schedule for sorting and disposal of garbage will be formed.

In particular, such works will be carried out in Bucha, Horenka, Borodianka, Irpin, and other cities and villages of the Kyiv region that have suffered significant destruction.

For reference:

In August 2022, the head of the Servant of the People party and People's Deputy Olena Shuliak announced that a pilot project for the ecological processing of construction waste would be launched in the Kyiv region, where the technologies of the Israeli company GreenMix, which has been working in this field since 1989, would be used.

The technology assumes that new construction materials will be made from construction waste, which can be used to restore destroyed cities.

According to Shuliak, more than two million tons of construction debris were accumulated in the Bucha Territorial Community due to the destruction.

Rubryka previously reported that in the Kyiv region, as part of a project to restore seven residential buildings in Hostomel, the French company Neo-Eco dismantled four houses destroyed due to Russia's armed actions and processed 15,000 tons of construction waste.

Rubryka also wrote about how construction waste can be reused not only during the restoration of damaged objects, but also during the production of new construction materials. Read more about it in the article "Ecosolutions: a second life for waste after destruction".

Additionally, it is essential to mention that demolition waste must be inspected as it may pose a potential hazard.

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