30 jan, 16:18

Finland still intends to join NATO with Sweden

30 jan, 15:34

NATO Secretary General reiterates that North Korea is helping russia with missiles

24 jan, 09:09

Finland and Sweden are ready for NATO membership, but still have to reach consensus with Turkey first — US State Department

23 jan, 08:55

Naiev: New units created in Armed Forces of Ukraine to be equipped with new Western equipment

18 jan, 20:10

NATO is Ukraine’s best security guarantee — Zelensky

18 jan, 18:55

Key moment has come in war, Ukraine needs more weapons — NATO Secretary General

13 jan, 10:28

Ukraine is de facto member of NATO – UA defense minister

10 jan, 13:46

EU and NATO sign updated coop declaration that includes russia's threat

7 dec, 19:23

NATO countries can give Ukraine remaining funds intended for Afghanistan — media

30 nov, 18:36

NATO may invest in Soviet-era weapons systems for Ukraine — US Secretary of State

30 nov, 15:30

Ukraine's entry into NATO should be discussed after victory over russia — NATO Secretary General

29 nov, 21:27

NATO is considering providing Ukraine with Patriot air defense systems — Stoltenberg

28 nov, 08:00

putin trying to use winter as a weapon – Stoltenberg

21 nov, 16:00

Price we pay as NATO allies is measured in money, while Ukrainians pay price measured in blood — NATO Secretary General

16 nov, 15:15

There are no signs russia was preparing attack on NATO territory — Stoltenberg

14 nov, 16:17

Underestimating russian army could be dangerous — Stoltenberg

10 nov, 15:09

NATO Secretary General: russia's retreat from Kherson will be another victory for Ukraine

8 nov, 18:21

NATO urges russia to respect and extend "grain deal"

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