18:23 08 Dec 2023

Russia amassed 40,000 troops for major assault of Avdiivka – Ground Forces spokesman

Фото: Скріншот з відео

Russian forces have concentrated over 40,000 troops to encircle and assault the war-torn eastern town of Avdiivka, says the Ground Forces spokesman Oleksandr Shtupun.

During the speech at the national TV news marathon, the spokesperson said Russia loses up to 400 troops per day just in Avdiivka. Russian forces are not close to reducing their activity on certain directions on the frontline.

Avdiivka and Marinka are the places with the highest number of clashes. The enemy is currently acting with the support of armored vehicles and actively used aviation yesterday. Russians dropped 40 guided aerial bombs in the Donetsk region. The enemy is suffering very significant losses, but continues to pull up reserves of the so-called "Storm Z" unit, as well as newly mobilized, not very well trained troops. Sometimes they are even left without food and water, and are forced to eat snow," said Shtupun, adding that Russian forces are moving forward because they are more afraid of their leadership than of death.

Russian forces conducted 24 airstrikes, engaged in 56 combat clashes, and conducted 648 artillery attacks in the Tavria operational area over the past day.

"We continue to destroy the enemy's logistics, making it as difficult as possible to supply them with ammunition, food and fuel and lubricants. Our artillery is constantly working, all firepower is employed to reduce the enemy's offensive potential," said Shtupun.

Russian forces have been slowly advancing through the ruins of the city of Marinka in recent weeks, according to the latest UK Intelligence report.

The Russian army also has many officers who have gained combat experience in the war and are planned to be trained for generals.

Since the beginning of October, Russian forces have been trying to capture the city of Avdiivka for almost two months. The Avdiivka Coke Plant, known as the largest chemical plant in Europe, and the city's infrastructure have recently been heavily shelled.

The British intelligence noted that the Russian army suffered heavy losses near Avdiivka, but there was no progress on three frontline areas.

The AFU chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi noted that in the month since the Russians began actively storming the outskirts of Avdiivka, Russia has lost about 10,000 soldiers in this area.

British intelligence claims that active assaults in Avdiivka have led to a 90% increase in Russian army losses in the war against Ukraine.


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