10:59 31 Oct 2023

Ukrainian rocket strike damages Russian air defense system in occupied Crimea

On Monday, October 30, the Ukrainian missile attack damaged the Russian S-300 air defense system and destroyed a diesel generator in occupied Crimea. 

The impact was recorded at the location of the air defense complex in the area of the village of Molochne near Saki, Rubryka reports, referring to ASTRA.

According to initial data, there were no casualties among the occupiers.

"According to ASTRA sources, the missile attack was carried out on October 30 around 6 a.m. in the area of the village of Molochne in the Saki district of the annexed Crimea. The air defense complex of the Russian Defense Ministry is located there," the statement said.

The Telegram channel "Crimean Wind" reported that the day before, one of the subscribers told them about a loud explosion that rang out around 6 a.m. in the Molochne area.

"The glass was shaking, and everyone woke up," the channel quoted the testimony of a Crimean resident.

Then, the channel administrators reported that they did not attach much importance to this message.

Molochne on the map of Crimea

On Monday, it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit a strategic air defense system in Crimea.

During the past day, the occupiers announced several times about explosions in Sevastopol and Saki, complained about the attack of Ukrainian "unmanned boats," and even blocked the Crimean bridge.

Later, the details of the attack in Olenivka in western Crimea were revealed. Up to 20 occupiers became victims of the attack, and at least five vehicles were damaged and destroyed, including KamAZ, which is part of the maintenance of air defense systems, and GAZ-66, with a radar system placed in it.


Photo: Wikipedia

S-300 "Favorit" is a family of anti-aircraft missile systems capable of hitting various targets at a height from 10 m to the practical ceiling of their combat use for targets at ranges from a few kilometers to 75-200 kilometers, depending on the type of elements of the S-300 family and interceptor missiles.

It is intended to defend large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases, and control points from air and space attacks. It can hit ballistic and aerodynamic targets. The base of the occupiers near Olenivka has come under attack not for the first time.

Ukraine Defense Intelligence reported the destruction of the Russian S-400 "Triumph" anti-aircraft missile system and other enemy military equipment in August.

During the past day, on October 30, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated another 87 Russian invaders at the front; they also destroyed ten anti-aircraft guns and 25 enemy artillery systems. The total number of losses of the Russian army since the beginning of the invasion is 300,810 soldiers.

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