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Ukrainian long-range strike on Crimea military airfield destroys Russian equipment

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On the night of September 21, Ukrainian Naval Forces and Security Service attacked the Saky military airfield in occupied Crimea with attack drones and then Ukrainian-made Neptune long-range missiles.

The strike seriously damaged Russian equipment, the SSU sources said to 24th Channel.

Ukrainian special forces first used drones to overload Russian air defense and then launched Neptune missiles, frequently used to strike targets on long distances.

The Saky military airfield had at least 12 combat aircraft (Su-24 and Su-30) and a Pantsyr air defense system.

The base was also a training field for Mojaher drone operators, used by the Russians to coordinate their own air attacks and as a strike combat drone.

The missiles hit the target and caused serious damage to the equipment.

Drones were used to hit the enemy, intercepting Russian air defense and then launching Neptune missiles. Even Russian telegram channels confirm serious damage and losses. They report at least 30 dead soldiers, the sources note.


Explosions from Ukrainian side have become more frequent in Crimea. The occupiers are constantly claiming to have successfully repelled drone attacks or missile strikes.

However, on the night of September 13, the Sevastopol shipyard named after S. Ordzhonikidze was hit by a marine drone, damaging a large landing ship "Minsk" and a submarine "Rostov-on-Don"

On September 20, the Ukrainian forces also attacked a Russian command post near Sevastopol, destroying by missiles. Not only enemy manpower was eliminated, but also expensive military systems.

On September 14, Ukrainian troops attacked two patrol ships in the southwestern part of the Black Sea, with locally made naval drones.


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