16:39 12 Aug 2023

Russian shelling of Kherson region injures at least two civilians over the past day

Russian troops attacked the Kherson region along with the city as well, damaging a local enterprise and injuring at least two people, the governor said.

Two people received severe injuries after the shelling hit a house in the town of Poniativka. The medics rescued a 70-year-old civilian who suffered heavy wounds.

At around 10:20, Russian troops dropped explosive projectiles from a drone in one of the Beryslav district's settlements. Two local residents were injured, and doctors provided them with medical assistance.

The enemy also shelled Kherson itself, damaging a local facility.

Kherson and other regional settlements on the Kyiv-controlled west bank of the Dnipro River have been continuously subjected to Russian shelling since Ukrainian forces liberated them in November 2022.

Russian forces were pushed to the river's east bank, from where they have since been firing at the liberated territories, regularly resulting in civilian deaths and injuries.

Southern frontline regions of Ukraine are prone to Russian shelling every day. On the morning of August 12, the occupation forces struck Orikhiv of the Zaporizhzhia region with a guided aerial bomb, killing at least a 31-year-old law enforcement officer and injuring 12 residents.

The same day, a Russian ballistic missile hit the central city of Kryvyi Rih. However, no injuries were recorded, the local mayor reported. The city has already endured a brutal strike on a residential building, suffering six deathly casualties and having 69 injured.


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