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Solutions to win: Ukraine's armed forces put 10th FPV drone model into operation

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The tenth model of the FPV drone has thoroughly impressive battleready features, and its massproduction level is much higher than before; it's now seeing active duty in the Ukrainian military.

The Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov, who showed photos with an FPV drone, reported this on Facebook.

What is the problem?

As the head of the department stressed, in September 2022, at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, the procedures for accepting weapons and military equipment into operation were significantly simplified.

"Formalities that used to take up to two years are now completed in a matter of weeks. In particular, the Accelerator of the Ministry of Defense helps manufacturers with this.

We will not demonstratively build a factory the size of a stadium. At least not now. We will find an asymmetric solution; the enemy will feel it on the battlefield," Reznikov noted.

What is the solution?

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense emphasized that they are now being as agile as possible to give all competent teams of developers and producers a chance to demonstrate their ability.

" We're celebrating a certain milestone: I'm holding the 10th model of the FPV drone that's officially being put into service by the Ukrainian military: convincing TTC [tactical and technical characteristics, – ed.] and a new scale of production. The main thing is the saved lives of our soldiers," – the head of the defense department signed the photo.

The Minister of Defense noted that the relevant commission at the Department of Military-Technical Policy, Development of Weapons and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine completed the necessary procedures.

How does it work?

According to the minister, this FPV drone, like other models, is assembled in Ukraine but mainly from foreign components.

The head of the Ministry of Defense called the transfer of drones to the Armed Forces "the result of joint work," for which he thanked his colleague – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, the Army of Drones, the manufacturing company and all specialists involved in the process.

Резніков, БпЛА

Photo: Facebook / Oleksii Reznikov

"The next level is to produce the main parts in Ukraine and ensure diversification to guarantee the independence and stability of the supply of the army under all circumstances," the minister wrote.

Reznikov reminded that in 15 months, the Ministry of Defense has already adopted more than 30 models of UAVs of various types into service/operation:

  • intelligence,
  • percussion,
  • kamikaze drones,
  • barrage ammunition.

In addition, ammunition for UAVs was officially created as a separate category.

"All this is being tested on the battlefield by our soldiers, being modernized. Unification will happen gradually. Now we are acting as flexibly as possible so that all capable teams of developers and manufacturers have the opportunity to prove themselves," Reznikov emphasized.

For reference:

It should be noted that in Ukraine, a group of amateurs established the production of anti-personnel light bombs with the help of a 3D printer to help the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the war against the Russian Federation.

Also, as Rubryka wrote, the Ukrainian unmanned aircraft complex Sirko, which Kharkiv engineers developed, was put into mass production. The development company will soon present the second version of the drone.

In addition, the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex has developed barrage ammunition of operational-strategic level "Rubaka," which can cover a distance of 500 kilometers.

As Rubryka wrote, the Cabinet of Ministers [Ukraine's government – ed.] expanded the list of goods and services of charitable assistance for the military, for which volunteers can collect money without taxation.

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