20:58 15 Jun 2023

Ukraine's defense minister announces creation of 'IT coalition' within Ramstein meeting

Фото: Твіттер / Oleksii Reznikov

The representatives of Estonia and Luxembourg at the meeting of the Contact Group for the Defence of Ukraine in the Ramstein format acted in support of the creation of the IT coalition.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov says this on Twitter.

Another coalition to ensure Ukraine's victory is on the horizon. "This is sure to evolve into something exciting, so stay tuned!" the minister said.

On June 15, a two-day meeting of NATO ministers of defense is taking place in Brussels. The main issues of the meeting are the continuation of assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, as well as preparations for the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12.

As part of the meeting, a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group led by the United States was held. It brought together 50 nations, including 31 NATO members and partner countries.

According to Reznikov, one of the priorities of this Ramstein meeting will be the details of the "aviation coalition".

Canada and Italy announced new packages of military aid to Ukraine. In addition, the defense ministers of Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the US announced the joint and urgent transfer of air defense equipment to Ukraine to protect against attacks by Russian forces.

Soon after the Ramstein-style meeting in Brussels, Reznikov announced that he had received a commitment from the allies to start training for Ukrainian pilots on Western fighter jets.

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