12:15 21 Apr 2023

NATO in discussion to supply combat jets to Ukraine – Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Photo by АР

Several NATO members have already provided Ukraine with combat aircraft, including Poland's provision of MiG-29s. Currently, discussions are taking place among allies and their partners to consider other types of jets that can be supplied to Ukraine.

Ukrinfrom reports that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced this today at the Ramstein military base in Germany, ahead of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting.

Another Ukraine Defense  Contact Group meeting in the Ramstein format takes place in Germany, with over 50 countries participating, including NATO members and representatives of partner countries.

This contact group has been the leading platform for Ukraine's supporters to coordinate military capabilities that NATO allies and international community representatives can provide for Ukraine to defend against Russian aggression as per its right to self-defense, provided for in the UN Charter.

"Let's see how the discussions will progress today among allies and partners," the NATO leader said, adding the need for continuous evaluation and consultation, not only for new weapons but also for ensuring the effectiveness of the existing platforms.

Stoltenberg praised the leadership of the US for convening the meeting and thanked the German government for organizing it.

"I expect that during this meeting, NATO allies and partners will announce additional assistance, not only for new platforms but also for ensuring the operational efficiency of already delivered weapons platforms,"  said Jens Stoltenberg, stressing that battle tanks need a considerable amount of ammunition, fuel, and trailers to move heavy equipment, repair vehicles, etc. 

Stoltenberg stressed that "a battle of endurance" turns into "a war of logistics." "Sometimes we underestimate all the logistics that must be organized to have such a capability as battle tanks in operational readiness," he said. "It probably sounds a bit boring at times, but logistics are critical."

He also recalled that the Netherlands and Denmark have already announced the supply of 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The US allocated more ammunition for HIMARS and more than $300 million for Ukraine's defense needs. "This work will be continued today," he concluded.

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