29 nov, 14:59

Russia has lost 300,000 soldiers, three aircraft carriers, and thousands of tanks in Ukraine — Stoltenberg

29 nov, 14:27

Ukraine-NATO Council approves "ambitious program" to support Ukraine toward alliance membership

28 nov, 14:57

Ukraine must prepare for escalating Russian missile strikes – Stoltenberg

7 oct, 09:59

"If Putin wins the war in Ukraine, he will likely resort to violence again" – NATO chief

28 sep, 16:38

Ukraine joining NATO is "just a matter of time": Zelensky on his talks with Stoltenberg

28 sep, 14:34

Zelensky asks NATO to supply more air defense systems to protect Ukraine's critical infrastructure

31 aug, 09:08

NATO chief: "Ukrainians have exceeded expectations again and again. We need to trust them"

23 jul, 12:21

Stoltenberg convenes Ukraine-NATO Council at Kyiv's request on July 26

7 jul, 14:50

Vilnius summit will bring Ukraine closer to NATO and strengthen it – Stoltenberg

26 jun, 12:26

Wagner mutiny shows Russia's "big strategic mistake" in attacking Ukraine – NATO chief

19 jun, 14:28

Stoltenberg: Ukraine will become NATO member, but no invitation will be issued at Vilnius summit

18 jun, 12:57

"Ukraine's future lies within NATO family, but after the war ends" – Stoltenberg

14 jun, 16:11

NATO security guarantees should protect Ukraine from new war – Stoltenberg

1 jun, 17:37

"Ukraine has right to defend itself" – Stoltenberg on aerial attacks on Russia

18 may, 17:33

NATO defense ministers will discuss supplying jets to Ukraine at June meeting – Spiegel

27 apr, 17:05

Ukraine has received 1,550 armored vehicles, 230 tanks and large amount of ammunition – NATO chief

21 apr, 20:46

NATO Chief on Ukraine's counteroffensive: Ukrainian army “will liberate even more land”

21 apr, 12:15

NATO in discussion to supply combat jets to Ukraine – Stoltenberg

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