25 jun, 13:57

Airspace closed: How Ukrainian civil aviation survived war flight ban

17 apr, 14:34

Ukraine's drones strike factory in Tatarstan, home to Tu-22M and Tu-160M aircraft production

28 feb, 15:10

Russian guided missiles strike front-line city of Kupiansk

1 oct, 08:59

Russian forces drop ten aerial bombs on Kherson region at night

6 sep, 15:18

Solutions to win: Ukrainian student launches bot to intercept Russia's combat aircraft frequencies

3 sep, 21:20

Russian forces are using car tires to protect Tu-95 bombers from drone attacks

11 aug, 15:41

Ukrainian pilots to complete F-16s training by summer 2024 – The Washington Post

10 aug, 15:33

Ukrainian parliament backs bill aligning country's air force with NATO standards

30 jul, 14:10

"Russian missiles can reach anywhere": Ukraine's Air Force skeptical about resuming civilian flights

28 jul, 13:39

Russia has reduced activity of its aviation – Ukraine's air force

20 jul, 14:38

Ryanair management visits Ukraine to negotiate resumption of flights after war ends

19 jul, 19:36

European Parliament calls on EU leaders to quickly provide F-16s to Ukraine

17 jul, 12:35

Ukrainian airline SkyUp updates flight attendant uniforms to support local clothing manufacturers amid war

4 jul, 11:33

Ukraine will not receive F-16 fighters until counteroffensive is over – NATO military chief

26 jun, 14:31

Denmark begins training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters

25 jun, 09:05

Solutions to win: Ukrainian aviation-themed clothing brand initiates fundraiser for military training jet

23 jun, 17:22

Ukraine may receive F-16 jet fighters in early 2024 – Politico

19 jun, 14:53

F-16 manufacturer offers Ukraine assistance in training pilots if NATO agrees to send jets

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