10:35 27 Dec 2022

russian airfield strike: Ukraine comments on another explosion at Engels airport

The explosions at night, December 26, at the russian military airfield in Engels are an objective consequence of the russian federation's war against Ukraine, as well as the loss of control over processes within russia.

The adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolyak, stated this, commenting on the explosions at the russian military facility on the broadcast of the Yedyny Novyni marathon.

The adviser did not directly name who was behind the "strikes." At the same time, he pointed to the fault of the russians.

"Everything that is happening in the russian federation today – the number of incidents, and not only in Engels, is increasing – is related to russia losing control over the processes," the OP representative emphasized.

Podoliak stressed that the number of sabotages, unidentified detonations, fires at critical facilities, etc., is increasing on the territory of the aggressor country.

The official also added that fires could occur for other reasons. In particular, because russia cannot obtain the necessary foreign spare parts and specialist consultations.


On the night of December 26, explosions were heard near the airfield in Engels. It is there that russia's strategic aviation is based. Planes take off from this airfield to launch massive missile strikes on Ukraine.

In russia, they said that the airfield was "attacked by a Ukrainian UAV," after which the citizens of the aggressor country went hysterical due to yet another poor air defense work.

The russian federation admitted that as a result of the explosion, three soldiers were killed and four were injured, including pilots.

As Rubryka reported, on December 5, russian sources wrote that an "unknown drone" attacked Engels airfield. The explosion allegedly damaged two Tu-95 missile-carrying bombers and injured two people.


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