09:42 10 Dec 2022

Iran's support to Russian military likely to grow in coming months - British intelligence

Фото: Iran Press

Iran has become one of Russia's top military backers since Russia invaded Ukraine and its support to the Russian military is likely to grow in the coming months.

Тhe UK Ministry of Defense said this in an intelligence update.

"Iran's support to the Russian military is likely to grow in the coming months: Russia is attempting to obtain more weapons, including hundreds of ballistic missiles," the British Ministry of Defense said.

In return, according to the British intelligence, Russia is highly likely offering Iran an unprecedented level of military and technical support that is transforming their defence relationship.

"Russia has highly likely expended a large proportion of its stock of its own SS-26 Iskander short range ballistic missiles, which carry a 500kg warhead up to 500km. If Russia succeeds in bringing a large number of Iranian ballistic missiles into service, it will likely use them to continue and expand its campaign of strikes against Ukraine's critical national infrastructure," the ministry said.

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