14:19 16 May 2022

russians falsify "witness testimonies" about Mariupol's destruction, mayor's adviser says

Photo: Stringer, Anadolu Agency

russia is preparing the biggest forgery of "witness testimonies" that the city of Mariupol was destroyed by the Ukrainian military.

The adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andriushchenko reported about it on Telegram.

Testimonies will be prepared in writing by the residents of Mariupol who remained in the city in writing.

To carry out the operation, the russian occupiers announced the registration for compensations for destroyed housing and/or loss of a family member: 500 thousand rubles (approximately 6 thousand US dollars) for housing, 3 million rubles (approximately 33 thousand US dollars) for a deceased family member.

Registration of applications for compensation is carried out on the 9th school premises. However, when submitting a written statement, Mariupol residents must state that the property was "destroyed by the Ukrainian military" and that relatives were "killed by the Ukrainian army."

In the absence/refusal of such nuance, the occupiers report that there will be no compensation. Taking into account the psychological pressure and the state of the information blockade, Mariupol residents submit applications with relevant notes, Andriushchenko notes.

As a result, Russia receives tens of thousands of handwritten written "testimonies" about the "atrocities of the Ukrainian army." "In reality, such compensation is not possible. Only to fulfill these promises to Mariupol russia should spend at least 2.5 billion US dollars. That is, with the current state of russia's economy, it is impossible," he said.

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