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21 oct, 09:05

100 deputies of the Servant of the People party went to Donbas for two days

20 oct, 18:29

NSDC outlined the primary goal in Donbas

12 oct, 15:24

Duda stated that sanctions against Russia should continue until the full de-occupation of Donbas and Crimea

12 oct, 09:42

If I can't end the war, we need another person - Zelenskyi

6 oct, 09:53

Zelenskyi explained why elections in the uncontrolled Donbas are now impossible

1 oct, 14:17

The OSCE representative stated that negotiations on the exchange of prisoners in the TСG ended in vain

30 sep, 13:27

Zelenskyi fired Fokin from the TCG: "Representing the state is not a chance for expressing personal views"

30 sep, 09:05

"Noone should confuse the official with the personal" - the Office of the President commented on Fokin's statements

28 sep, 08:54

EU Advisory Mission opened a representative office in another Ukrainian city

24 sep, 13:17

Zelenskyi: Ukraine doesn't blackmail, both Europe and Russia see it

23 sep, 12:50

We'd like to see more craving for peace from Moscow, Russia should take the key steps - Zelenskyi

21 sep, 16:26

Fokin named the conditions under which he will leave the TCG

21 sep, 10:33

Reznikov explained that the amnesty for the Donbas conflict participants would not be general

17 sep, 22:31

"Putin will bargain": the TCG announced a scenario for Donbas

What's Going On
26 aug, 17:10

Surrender to Moscow or play our own game: will Zelensky be able to end the war in Donbas by the end of the year?

In Short
27 jul, 20:24

“Ukraine’s biggest problem is trust and predictability.” Key points of Ilya Ponomarev’s interview

She's Got It
10 jul, 13:15

Plasticine therapy: how a psychologist in Mariupol treats with sculpting

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