13:29 09 Mar 2022

Zelenskyy calls on the West not to procrastinate on the "technical issue" and provide Ukraine with combat aircraft

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the West not to delay the decision on the transfer of fighter jets to Poland and not to shift the responsibility to each other.

Ukraine would make such a decision in hours if it was a matter of helping friends, the President of Ukraine said in his address.

"14 days! A full-scale brutal war. Terror against our people. Destruction of cities, blockade of entire areas, constant bombing… 14 days! No vital decision. Not our decision! We would make such a decision in hours if we should help our friends," the President said.

He noted that Ukraine has been repeating to its partners since the first day of the Russian invasion: if you don't close the skies, you will also be responsible for the catastrophe. "A large-scale humanitarian catastrophe. Russia is using missiles, aircraft, and helicopters against civilians. Against cities. Against our infrastructure. It is the world's humanitarian duty to respond. But … There is no decision," Zelenskyy said.

He thanked Poland for its readiness to provide Ukraine with combat aircraft. According to him, the issue is logistics.

"Essentially, a technical issue. It must be resolved! Immediately. There is an official decision of Poland to transfer the aircraft to the appropriate base, the American base. We also have confirmation that the agreement between the American side and Poland was reached. But we hear that Poland's proposal is unfounded and that's what they say in Washington. So when will there be a decision?" the President said.

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