ЗРК Patriot

12 jun, 09:29

US president authorizes delivery of additional Patriot system to Ukraine – NYT

28 may, 11:18

United to win: Netherlands rushes to assemble Patriot air defense system for Ukraine

29 apr, 15:42

Zelensky and Stoltenberg discuss €100 bln fund for Ukraine during meeting in Kyiv

26 apr, 11:23

Greece declines transfer of air defense systems to Ukraine – PM Mitsotakis

23 apr, 09:17

United to win: Greece considers giving Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine

18 apr, 12:33

Dutch PM proposes purchasing Patriot air defense systems from other countries for Ukraine

16 apr, 13:40

"It is cheaper to buy a Patriot than to restore a TPP targeted by Russia" – Borrell

13 apr, 16:40

Germany to send additional Patriot system to Ukraine

11 apr, 16:11

European Parliament blocks financing for European Council amidst demand for additional Patriot air defense systems for Ukraine

11 apr, 10:53

Ukraine's foreign minister aims for seven Patriot batteries to be transferred, considers loan option

10 apr, 11:05

European armies struggle to deploy seven Patriot batteries in Ukraine despite 100 in stock – Borrell

4 apr, 16:16

Germany to begin urgent search for Patriot systems to aid Ukraine – FM Kuleba

6 jan, 15:27

Patriot air defense systems have already saved thousands of lives in Ukraine – NYT

3 jan, 17:49

NATO to purchase 1,000 Patriot missiles to withstand Russia's threat

24 aug, 18:02

United to win: Germany grants Ukraine Patriot missiles and drone detection system

28 jul, 13:39

Zelensky's advisor calls for more air defense for Ukraine

16 jun, 15:16

Germany sends 64 more Patriot missiles to Ukraine

12 jun, 20:24

Raytheon plans to transfer five more Patriot missile complexes to Ukraine – WSJ

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