Women in the ZSU

27 mar, 21:00

Survey: Women support Ukraine's business environment

24 mar, 18:00

Ukrainian NGO raises $80,000 to purchase military shoes for women soldiers

10 mar, 16:13

Over 5,000 Ukrainian women are serving on the front lines – Ministry of Defense

8 mar, 10:34

Defend, treat and rescue: stories of women bringing Ukraine's victory closer

28 feb, 18:15

Ukrainian women make a difference on the battleground

She's got it
23 feb, 11:12

Gender bias and other challenges Ukrainian servicewomen are facing

15 feb, 16:20

When will Ukraine update women’s military uniforms to NATO standards?

14 feb, 10:22

For better and for worse: stories of couples who went to war together

8 jan, 18:09

Defense Ministry: No mandatory mobilization of women until 2026

6 dec, 12:07

Eight Ukrainian women made it to BBC 100 Women of 2022 list

28 nov, 11:51

Over 50,000 Ukrainian women fighting at frontline – vice-speaker

She's got it
2 nov, 14:38

Military uniform for female defenders — from XS to pregnant women: how "Zemliachky" help women on front lines

29 sep, 15:32

Weapons as charity, women in army, and veterans: 3 volunteer initiatives helping Ukraine to win

18 jul, 13:21

Ukraine to create a unified military uniform for women

2 jul, 12:37

Zelensky presents awards to 634 Ukrainian soldiers

Special project
23 jun, 19:15

"How can you go somewhere everyone is fleeing from?": a story of a paramedic who saves the military and dreams of making clothes

Special project
22 mar, 19:30

"You could use an armored vest, like Xena's," or how an activist who fought for women's rights, is now fighting for Kyiv

She's Got It
28 dec, 14:05

Military enlistment for women: will everyone go to the front? What Ministry of Defense really implies

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