Women in the ZSU

1 sep, 13:40

Solution to win: Ukraine's armor maker presents first women's military body suit

11 aug, 16:23

Solutions to win: 100 women Of Ukraine's armed forces receive air reconnaissance training through charity project

5 aug, 10:41

Solutions to win: Ukrainian Defense Ministry approves new set of women's military uniforms

29 jul, 16:51

Ukrainian women – at the frontline and abroad – working toward war’s end and beyond

17 jul, 16:17

Ukraine begins testing bulletproof vests for servicewomen

13 jul, 15:43

Uniform matters: women test NATO-tailored military uniforms in Ukraine

6 jul, 13:57

Solutions to win: Ukraine unveils updated summer uniform for women in the military

25 jun, 10:05

Over 40,000 women serve on Ukraine's front line – commander of the Joint Forces

20 jun, 20:18

Solutions to win: Must Have launches initiative to provide uniforms for Ukrainian military women

15 jun, 12:55

Solutions to win: Ukrainian NGOs initiate fundraiser for summer military uniforms for women

8 jun, 16:44

Mental health hub for women soldiers opened in Kyiv

25 apr, 20:15

Pro Women UA launches online intensive course for military women, veterans, and families.

9 apr, 13:05

Ukrainian model sacrifices career to become a soldier

27 mar, 21:00

Survey: Women support Ukraine's business environment

24 mar, 18:00

Ukrainian NGO raises $80,000 to purchase military shoes for women soldiers

10 mar, 16:13

Over 5,000 Ukrainian women are serving on the front lines – Ministry of Defense

8 mar, 10:34

Defend, treat and rescue: stories of women bringing Ukraine's victory closer

28 feb, 18:15

Ukrainian women make a difference on the battleground

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