3 mar, 15:45

Frontline Zaporizhzhia plans to build two underground schools by fall

15 feb, 08:26

Russia launches massive rocket attack on major Ukrainian cities

Special project
16 jan, 11:17

Helping one person means helping a whole country: the story of an organization that became a refuge for war victims

Special project
10 jan, 10:37

To replace window with plywood and hope for the best: how frontline Zaporizhzhia helps its citizens

8 jan, 12:57

Sports section in Zaporizhzhia helps children live through the war

8 jan, 08:01

Russian rockets strike Ukrainian cities: explosions reported in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih

29 dec, 20:28

Zaporizhzhia opens first center for searching missing persons in Ukraine

29 dec, 11:34

Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia: casualties, destruction reported, people trapped under rubble

12 dec, 13:20

Opening an establishment 45 km from the front line: a story of Zaporizhzhia restaurateur

25 nov, 12:46

Ukrainian volunteers created sapper robot for the military and rescuers

15 nov, 14:47

Russian attack kills two first responders at shelling scene in Zaporizhzhia region

Video, photo
3 nov, 15:26

Russian cyber agent working at Zaporizhzhia administration detained for leaking positions of Ukrainian forces

Photo, video
18 oct, 08:35

Russian rocket strikes apartment building in Zaporizhzhia

2 sep, 09:48

Start with yourself: how activists from Zaporizhzhia adjust their region to climate change

28 aug, 15:45

Ukraine to evacuate children from two font-line areas in Zaporizhzhia region

Photos, video
10 aug, 19:54

Russia shells Zaporizhzhia, killing one, injuring at least two people

10 aug, 09:12

Russian rocket attack on Zaporizhzhia kills three civilians and injures nine, including a baby

9 aug, 20:44

Russia hits Zaporizhzhia with ballistic missile, killing three

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