09:46 31 May 2024

Massive fire erupts at oil tanks in Krasnodar, Russia, after UAV attack

Photo: Russian Telegram channels

Officials from the Krasnodar region in the Russian Federation revealed that a recent nighttime attack by drones caused a fire at a nearby oil depot and resulted in casualties.

Krasnodar Governor Veniamin Kondratiev reported this.

He said the airstrike damaged the oil depot infrastructure in the Temryuk district. Three tankers filled with petroleum products were also damaged and are currently on fire. The fires are classified as highly complex.

"At once in several municipalities of the region, a mass attack by drones was repelled this night. Air defense forces suppressed all of them. In Novorossiysk, special services are conducting a survey of the territory and a search for the downed aircraft," the message reads.

Пожежа на нафтобазі в Краснодарському краї рф,

Photo: Russian Telegram channels

According to the governor, some employees at the oil depot have been injured and are currently receiving medical assistance, while the rest have been evacuated.

At the same time, the governor assures that a mass attack by drones on several municipalities of the Krasnodar Territory was "repulsed," and all drones were "suppressed" by air defense forces. In Novorossiysk, special services are examining the area where the devices fell.

Пожежа на нафтобазі в Краснодарському краї рф,

Photo: Russian Telegram channels

Пожежа на нафтобазі в Краснодарському краї рф,

Photo: Russian Telegram channels

Telegram channel "ASTRA" published footage of a fire at an oil depot in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar Territory.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that air defense forces allegedly destroyed and intercepted five anti-ship missiles and 29 drones over the Krasnodar Territory, as well as one aircraft-type drone each over the Voronezh, Belgorod, and Tambov regions.

According to the Telegram channel "Krymsky Veter," the explosions in the port of Kavkaz on May 31 occurred around two a.m.

It is noted that 8-10 explosions rang out, which could be clearly heard in occupied Kerch.

The monitoring group also showed satellite photos of a fire in the port.

The Ukrainian authorities and the military traditionally do not comment on the strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation.



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