Accession of Ukraine to the European Union

23 nov, 16:10

EU Commission approves €900 mln for Hungary to override its veto on Ukraine accession

21 nov, 14:58

Ukrainian parliament supports increasing National Anti-Corruption Bureau's staff by 300 people

14 nov, 18:20

Ukraine's government approves key draft laws to meet EU's critical recommendations

13 nov, 19:48

EU mission to visit Ukraine to discuss security guarantees

13 nov, 17:34

"Ukraine is the EU’s top priority - there will be no fatigue to our commitment" – Borrell

9 nov, 16:27

Kyiv delegation arrives in Budapest to discuss Hungary's threats to veto EU accession

8 nov, 18:59

Ukrainian PM receives EU Commission's report on accession progress

8 nov, 14:32

Study reveals key solutions to strengthen Ukraine on the way to European integration

8 nov, 14:09

European Commission recommends opening membership talks with Ukraine

7 nov, 15:59

Hungary threatens veto on EU negotiations with Ukraine over language demands

7 nov, 12:13

Ukraine has fully fulfilled four of seven EU candidacy criteria

4 nov, 18:01

Ukraine has made excellent progress on the way to EU membership – EU Commission chief

4 nov, 15:50

Zelensky meets European Commission president to discuss Ukraine's EU membership talks: meeting outcomes

2 nov, 14:31

EU will give Ukraine "positive signal" about accession to union – German foreign minister

31 oct, 15:37

Ukraine plans to initiate EU membership negotiations by 2023 in absence of force majeure – FM Kuleba

26 oct, 21:06

Zelensky calls on EU leaders to start negotiations on Ukraine's membership at the end of the year

24 oct, 16:17

Reuters: European Commission to give positive evaluation of Ukraine's EU membership progress but with potentially more conditions

4 oct, 09:26

Ukraine may become EU member by 2030 – EU council president

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