29 dec, 14:55

Ukraine has allocated $220 mln to restore water supply to southern regions

27 dec, 16:56

Clean water for Ukraine, during and after war: Ecosoft enterprise provides water purification solution

31 aug, 15:04

Endangered birds, new ecosystems, and a bunch of lakes: how the former Oskil Reservoir lives a year after the destruction

19 jul, 17:22

United to win: Germany donates mobile water purification station to Kherson

16 jul, 15:59

North Crimean Canal running dry due to Kakhovka Dam destruction

12 jul, 13:59

Ukrainian volunteers deliver water equipment to medical facilities left without access after Kakhovka dam destruction

30 jun, 12:47

Pollutants found in Dnipro River and Black Sea following Kakhovka dam destruction raise health concerns

29 jun, 14:49

Kakhovka dam explosion: 18 more settlements remain flooded in Ukraine's Kherson region

22 jun, 16:36

Atlantis that has returned from underwater: how Kherson lives after the great flood receded

21 jun, 18:19

Ukrainian sappers destroyed 62 Russian landmines during Kakhovka dam rescue operation

15 jun, 12:22

Kherson region continues to grapple with consequences of flooding after Russia's destruction of Kakhovka dam

14 jun, 18:28

2,400 hectares of forest in Mykolaiv region still flooded, Kinburn Spit affected most

14 jun, 12:03

Nature park in Odesa region rescues 55 red-listed newts washed away by flood caused by Kakhovka dam destruction

13 jun, 17:05

Ukraine starts building water pipelines to aid regions affected by Kakhovka Dam destruction

12 jun, 15:51

Ukraine's nuclear energy operator confirms stable water level in Zaporizhzia nuclear plant's cooling pond

11 jun, 09:51

Odesa's Black Sea water becoming fresher due to Kakhovka Dam destruction – survey

10 jun, 21:20

Inhulets River in Kherson region exceeds permissible levels of harmful substances after Kakhovka dam destruction – ecologists

8 jun, 13:34

Flooding triggered by Russia's destruction of Kakhovka dam kills one in Ukraine's Mykolaiv region

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