What's Happening
7 jun, 14:35

Underwater: What is happening in flooded Kherson and how people and animals evacuate

7 jun, 12:09

Ukraine will build three new water mains for towns and villages affected by Kakhovka dam destruction

6 jun, 15:56

Ukraine's western Ternopil region sends 50 tons of drinking water to people of Kherson amid Kakhovka dam destruction

6 jun, 14:54

Kakhovka dam destruction: International leaders condemn Russia's terrorist act

6 jun, 13:15

150 tons of engine oil spilled into Dnieper River after Kakhovka dam explosion

27 may, 15:43

Eco-solutions: Ternopil introduces biological paste for water purification

2 may, 15:19

Denmark donates three kilometers of polyethylene pipes to restore Mykolaiv water main

19 apr, 10:05

Ukrainian student develops mobile platform to research water quality

18 apr, 16:40

European Investment Bank allocates additional €20 mln for Mykolaiv water supply system development

24 mar, 23:07

"The environment has no borders", Ukraine speaks on russia's damage at UN Water Conference

6 mar, 20:00

Eco-solution: Barcelona to ban irrigating parks and gardens due to drought

Photo, video
3 mar, 18:22

Solutions from Ukraine: When russian bombings disrupt water supply, Mykolaiv keeps estuary flowing

22 jan, 12:26

About 20 households flooded due to ice jam on Desna in Kyiv region

23 dec, 11:30

Instructions on your smartphone: Rubryka launches eco-solutions chatbot

11 dec, 11:12

Ukraine's Security and Defense Council refutes fakes about deterioration of tap water quality

7 dec, 14:24

In the city with no water: what to do if the water supply stops

18 nov, 11:52

UNICEF hands over water delivery and purification equipment to Ukrainian rescuers

12 oct, 10:31

To the last drop: how Mykolaiv has lived without drinking water for half a year

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