18:20 04 Jun 2023

Docudays UA festival examines solutions for Ukrainian city reconstruction

During the Docudays UA festival, urban planners and activists will discuss the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities.

Rubryka informs about this.

What is the problem?

According to estimates of the Kyiv School of Economics, during the year of the full-scale war, Russia caused almost $144 billion in damage to Ukraine's infrastructure. Among the damaged and destroyed are residential buildings, educational, cultural, healthcare institutions, factories, energy facilities, etc. Thousands of Ukrainian families lost their homes or businesses.

What is the solution?

At the same time, many Ukrainians are ready to participate in reconstructing their communities.

On June 7, a discussion, "Rebuilding Ukraine: how to make communities comfortable for everyone," will be held in Kyiv. The event will take place during the rights advocacy program RIGHTS NOW! Docudays UA festival. The co-organizer of the conversation is the educational project STEM is FEM. The discussion will take place in the October cinema, in the Sweet Life hall, starting at 6:30 p.m. Entrance to the event is free, but the number of places is limited. You can register using the link.

How does it work?

As part of the discussion "Rebuilding Ukraine: how to make communities comfortable for everyone," experts will talk about what the process of reconstruction and modernization of settlements should be and how the local community can influence it. Also, during the event, all those present can share their thoughts and ideas, and speakers will try to advise on their implementation.

Olena Kupina, a lawyer specializing in urban planning, Daryna Pyrohova, an urban planner, and Uliana Dzhurliak, an activist, will participate in the discussion. Anastasia Kurylenko, communications director of Rubryka media solutions, will moderate the conversation. The communication partner of the event is the TRUMAN company.

"At this year's festival, of course, we will talk a lot about the war in Ukraine: about Mariupol, Chernihiv, Kyiv, about destruction and human suffering. But it is essential for us not only to show losses but also to make plans for the future, to give hope. Yes, many cities have been destroyed, and the war continues — but we cannot wait for it to end and only then discuss how to rebuild our cities," says Ksenia Shymanska, director of the Human Rights Department of Docudays UA.

Elizaveta Korenko, head of STEM is FEM, emphasizes:

"As part of the Urbanistics educational course, we worked with three communities and saw how important it is for their representatives to learn how they can improve their settlements. The people on the ground should decide which cities and towns they want to live in – and they always know their problems best. Therefore, it is important to organize events where community representatives can communicate with experts, share what they lack, and receive professional advice."

For reference:

Docudays UA is Ukraine's largest international documentary film festival about human rights, founded in 2003. The festival aims to promote the observance and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, affirm the understanding of human dignity as the highest value, increase civic activity in Ukraine, and promote the development of documentary cinema. Docudays UA takes place every year; after the end of the festival program in the regions of Ukraine, screenings of the best films take place.

STEM is FEM is an educational project to popularize STEM specialties (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among girls. The project unites like-minded people, creating a community where girls support each other, share ideas, and develop together. STEM is FEM was initiated by Ukrainian IT entrepreneur and founder of Roosh technology company Serhiy Tokarev.

It should be noted that $1,250,000 was collected through the United24 fundraising platform to restore the lyceum in the village of Buzova in the Kyiv region.

Six multi-apartment buildings damaged due to Russian military aggression are currently being restored in the communities of the Kyiv region; another 12 are on the way.


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