17 feb, 17:18

United to win: allies join forces to equip Ukraine with AI-enhanced drone arsenal

16 feb, 14:48

Scholz pledges €1.1 bln in more air defense systems and missiles for Ukraine

16 feb, 13:16

Ukraine returns 58 bodies of its fallen soldiers home

16 feb, 11:30

Hungary joins Ukraine's demining coalition

16 feb, 08:33

US House adjourns until late February without vote on aid for Ukraine

14 feb, 19:57

United to win: ten states sign IT coalition agreement to support Ukraine

14 feb, 18:30

Russia has destroyed 50 art education institutions in Ukraine since beginning of full-scale war

14 feb, 17:49

United to win: Canada commits $44 mln for defense assistance to Ukraine

13 feb, 19:47

Ukraine's commander-in-chief Syrskyi: "The entire society should come together to support the shared goal of victory"

13 feb, 17:59

Ukraine has already allocated ₴20 bln for fortification construction since beginning of the year – PM

13 feb, 13:56

US Senate supports $60 billion in aid to Ukraine

12 feb, 19:27

EU Council approves resolution allowing use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine

12 feb, 18:46

Russia has inflicted $155 bln in damages on Ukraine's infrastructure since beginning of full-scale war – Kyiv School of Economics

9 feb, 20:26

Armenia donates ten tons of medicines to Kyiv military hospital

9 feb, 19:31

Norway to transfer several more NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine

9 feb, 17:32

Ukraine is facing critical shortage of military equipment – Ukraine's ambassador to US

7 feb, 20:46

Mobile veteran support groups start operating in five Ukrainian regions

7 feb, 20:00

Sweden allocates €26.4 mln for Ukraine energy efficiency

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