14 sep, 12:46

Ukrainian developers present AI-based fake news detection app

3 sep, 09:25

Mental de-occupation of Crimea may take up to 10 years or a generation – office of president's representative in Crimea

Explain Ukraine
8 aug, 12:40

“Denazification” of Russian propaganda: are there Nazis in Ukraine?

5 aug, 17:56

Russian propaganda seeks to disrupt Ukraine's relations with partners – intelligence

31 jul, 11:55

Ukraine initiates putting Russian propagandist Krasovsky on international wanted list

26 jun, 18:45

"Knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" Ukrainians destroy myths about displaced people imposed by Russia

11 jun, 21:09

Mounting evidence shows Russia blew up Kakhovka dam: Polygraph exposes usual patterns of Russian propaganda

24 may, 18:38

Ukraine's top security official denies Russian claim of Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi's injury

25 apr, 14:57

Solutions to win: interactive exhibition on Russian propaganda opens at Kyiv's Golden Gate station

22 apr, 13:44

YouTube removes Wagner Group video at request of Ukraine's Ministry of Culture

15 mar, 09:44

russia pushing propaganda to schoolchildren in occupied Mariupol

1 mar, 09:15

China spends billions on pro-russia disinformation

22 feb, 15:17

Exhibit depicting horrors of occupation set up outside russian embassy in Berlin

19 jan, 16:19

AI that believed propaganda, or what ChatGPT is and why you might not have heard of it

2 dec, 10:40

European Commission vice-president warned Musk against allowing propaganda on Twitter

27 oct, 09:32

Hungary promises to remove anti-Ukrainian propaganda about russia's war from school textbook

3 oct, 16:17

Occupiers' attempts to impose russian alternative reality in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions

3 oct, 08:59

Propaganda media turn away from Kremlin after russia's defeat in Kharkiv region and Lyman – ISW

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