3 jan, 17:41

Cherry blossom in January: photo report from abnormally warm Kyiv

In Handy
9 nov, 14:02

How to prepare your car for winter: what to check yourself, and what to have auto shop do for you

In Handy
26 oct, 14:24

Fully prepared for winter: what everyone should have at home

25 jul, 15:22

Trade unions call for a max working temperature cap for outdoor workers

31 aug, 14:40

There may be no winter in Ukraine in 20 years - Kulbida

31 aug, 09:15

Floods in Europe in 2021 and desert in southeastern Ukraine in 2070: what's the connection?

In Handy
30 jul, 12:05

Heat in Ukraine: how to escape it outside, at home, and work

26 jun, 16:49

Kyiv breaks another heat record

8 jun, 15:05

Sinoptik details the weather on resorts for the coming week

Photo, video
26 apr, 13:41

Winter in the middle of spring: Ukraine covered with snow in the last week of April

People of Action
23 mar, 09:10

Every weather analysis is a detective story. How meteorologists work

17 feb, 09:38

Innovative "antifreeze" solutions. How the cities of the world and Ukraine fight snow and ice

13 feb, 10:42

Has Greta had ears frostbitten? What's happening to nature and why Ukraine is covered with snow

10 feb, 09:47

More than 3,000 tons of snow cleaned from Kyiv streets overnight

17 jan, 09:00

Snow Day. Interesting facts, games, and how often Ukraine will be lucky with winter

25 jul, 16:55

It's rained and the city is flooded: what the problem is and how the world solves it

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