UrbanRubryka 09:38 17 Feb 2021

Innovative "antifreeze" solutions. How the cities of the world and Ukraine fight snow and ice

Everything is used: coffee, brine, the latest technology, and "snow" patrols. We talk about the most exciting methods

This February, as never, has lived up to its name. The current weather breaks all records for the number of nipping days and the duration of snowfall. Weather forecasters say that in Kyiv, the third winter month of 2021 has every chance to become the snowiest in the last 43 years; then, in February 1977, more than 100 cm of snow fell in the capital. The previous week, the thickets of snow our utility service workers are now fighting with haven't covered only the southern regions, but no one will be able to "disentangle" from the next round of foul weather. According to forecasts, starting from February 17-18, they expect a multi-day blizzard to be sharply replaced with an air temperature decrease throughout Ukraine, sometimes to -25 °C.

In fairness, this winter, the absence of which everyone complained about for several years, but in fact, wasn't ready for it, has finally come not only to Ukraine.

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