Odesa region

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27 dec, 08:36

Russian drones attack Ukraine by night: destruction and casualties recorded in Odesa and Kherson

22 dec, 09:44

Russian drone attack damages granary and infrastructure facility in Ukraine's south

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14 dec, 08:25

Russian drones strike Ukraine's southern Odesa region: fires and casualties reported

4 dec, 16:15

Pink flamingos in Ukraine's south survive two snow and sea storms

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27 nov, 09:56

Ukraine in winter's hold: Traffic blocked on 14 highways, power cut off in 16 regions due to snowfall

21 nov, 19:30

Russian forces launch rocket strike on Odesa, damaging port infrastructure

5 nov, 17:57

Russian troops strike Odesa region, injuring civilians and damaging infrastructure

3 nov, 08:59

Russian forces target Ukraine's critical infrastructure with 38 Shahed drones

30 oct, 11:37

Russian rockets strike ship repair plant near Odesa

12 oct, 08:32

Russian drones attack ports and residential areas in Ukraine's south

7 oct, 08:25

Russian forces launched Onyx missile attack on Odesa overnight, damaging boarding house and port

3 oct, 08:52

Russia launches drone attacks on Ukraine's center and south

28 sep, 09:12

Russian drones attack Odesa and Kirovohrad region by night

26 sep, 08:30

Russian drones once again attack ports of Odesa

13 sep, 08:30

Russian drones attack ports of Odesa: Ukraine's air defense downs 32 targets

4 sep, 08:26

Russian drones attack Odesa region by night: air defense downs 17 Shaheds

3 sep, 08:30

Ukraine's air defense successfully downs 22 out of 25 Shahed drones over Odesa region in new Russian attack

1 sep, 14:14

Two more blocked ships leave port of Odesa after grain deal termination

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