22:33 20 May 2024

United to win: Netherlands to provide YPR-765 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

Photo: Dutch Ministry of Defense

The Netherlands will hand over a batch of YPR-765 armored vehicles to Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine report this.

The Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, Kajsa Ollongren, announced that her country will soon supply YPR armored vehicles to Ukraine's armed forces. The YPRs are equipped with remote-controlled combat modules that allow the crew to control the weapons from within. Vehicles can also provide fire support on the battlefield.

"It is essential that we continue to support Ukraine," Minister Ollongren said.

Бронетранспортери YPR, призначені для України

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands

According to her, the vehicles are maneuverable, can quickly move troops, and can be used for reconnaissance, offensive, and defensive purposes. The YPR will arrive in Ukraine as soon as possible, but no information is given regarding the exact quantities and types of weapons. To date, the Netherlands has delivered a total of 207 YPRs of various kinds.

The YPR-765 is the Dutch version of the American M113 armored personnel carrier. It has an aluminum body and a metal bumper. It can accelerate up to 61 km/h.

About 2,100 such APCs were produced, of which 500 were in service with the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands will allocate more than 100 million euros, which will finance the supply of hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition that the Czech Republic found for Ukraine. According to Czech President Petr Pavel, half a million 155 mm shells and another 300,000 122 mm shells were found.

The Dutch government has pledged 2 billion euros in military support for Ukraine next year:

  • 295 million euros as a contribution to the European Peace Fund,
  • 89 million euros for justice,
  • three million euros for non-military cyber support.

Also, the Netherlands has already allocated 9 million euros to strengthen the Office of the Prosecutor General and the judiciary of Ukraine.

Earlier, the prime ministers of the Netherlands and Great Britain agreed to work on forming an international coalition of fighter jets for Ukraine.

As reported by Rubryka, at the Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in the "Ramstein" format on January 23, another country – the Netherlands – joined the IT coalition.

On February 17, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, assured that the transfer of F-16s is on schedule and that Ukraine will be supplied with at least 24 multi-purpose fighters.


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