3 sep, 14:14

EU's oil embargo to reduce Russia's income by at least 40% in 2023 - Ukraine's energy minister Galushchenko

25 aug, 17:22

US is developing plan to limit russia's income from oil sales

17 jul, 12:59

Higher oil output by Saudi Arabia to help curb Russian profits - Yermak

13 jul, 12:31

Germany will stop buying russian coal on August 1 and oil on December 31

6 jul, 20:13

US and allies discuss limiting russian oil price to $40-50

3 jun, 10:50

Bloomberg: russia's default will not end the war since russia's main vulnerability is oil and gas exports

17 may, 17:36

The United States will propose G7 to impose tariffs on russian oil as a quick alternative to embargo

13 may, 11:46

Borrell is certain the EU will agree on russian oil embargo

3 may, 17:33

Austria is ready to support embargo on russian oil

28 apr, 13:53

The world has funded putin's war for €63 billion since russia's invasion of Ukraine: the EU has the largest share

26 apr, 18:30

Germany has stated its readiness to cut off supplies of russian oil

20 apr, 18:55

Zelenskyy says he's confident that the European Union will impose an oil embargo

15 apr, 09:48

The EU is finally preparing a gradual oil embargo against russia

14 apr, 08:36

President of Colombia states that he considers russia's actions in Ukraine to be genocide

13 apr, 10:27

World's largest oil trader Vitol Group plans to stop trading in russian oil

11 apr, 13:47

russia has spent hundreds of billions of dollars for oil and gas exports on weapons, Zelenskyy says

4 apr, 12:24

EU countries may impose an embargo on russian oil and gas on April 6, the media report

4 apr, 12:07

After atrocities in Bucha, Macron called for tougher sanctions against russia

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