23 mar, 14:40

In Kharkiv region, Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns sent 2 more Russian planes for scrap

22 mar, 20:18

Ukrainian military has already shot down 100 occupying planes

15 mar, 20:51

Ukrainian military shot down another plane of occupiers near Kharkiv

9 mar, 13:29

Zelenskyy calls on the West not to procrastinate on the "technical issue" and provide Ukraine with combat aircraft

8 mar, 21:29

Poland is ready to provide jets to Ukraine, but under certain conditions

4 mar, 16:11

NATO secretary-general: Russia is likely to step up its offensive against Ukraine

3 mar, 19:21

Give us planes, otherwise, Russia will go to the Berlin Wall, - Zelenskyy addressed the West

3 mar, 08:45

Russia cut off from access to documentation for almost all passenger aircraft

25 feb, 10:40

The Armed Forces of Ukraine downed an enemy aircraft in Cherkasy region: searchings for the pilot continues

24 feb, 11:00

6 Russian aircrafts have been destroyed in the East of Ukraine

21 dec, 16:16

Ukrainian plane Mriia celebrates its birthday

14 dec, 15:14

Antonov to construct five aircraft for Ukrainian National Airlines

25 nov, 11:41

Three new airports will be built in Ukraine - Zelenskyy

25 nov, 11:27

Ukraine will create its own national air carrier - Zelenskyy

1 nov, 14:31

Ukraine and Kazakhstan agreed to intensify military cooperation

13 oct, 12:17

Wizz Air to launch 26 new destinations from Ukraine

20 aug, 10:11

World's largest aircraft "Mriia" to fly over Khreshchatyk on Independence Day

8 aug, 14:29

Canadian airline Air Canada introduces in-flight movies in Ukrainian

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