15:41 07 Mar 2023

Solutions to win: Ukrainians raise over $800,000 for fireproof pilot uniforms

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The "Come Back Alive" Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army raised 31 mln hryvnias (over 800 thousand dollars) for fireproof uniforms and flight helmets for Ukraine's military pilots.

One of the largest Ukrainian banks "PrivatBank" joined the donation as well, Rubryka reports.

What's the issue?

Ukrainian Army aviation has been performing important and very risky tasks since russia's aggression in 2014. Ukrainian Mi-8 and Mi-24 crews, in particular, delivered aid to the blocked Azovstal in Mariupol in 2022.

Since 2014, helicopters have also been evacuating wounded comrades and delivering provisions, medicine, water, and ammunition to the most difficult areas of the front. And they also support our infantry from the sky.

What's the solution?

Ukrainian pilots are exposed to danger during their flights. The aircraft may be hit by an enemy missile, causing a fire.

In order to save pilots from burns as much as possible, the "Come Back Alive" Fund and PrivatBank have announced a fundraiser for fire-resistant uniforms and flight helmets for army aviation brigades.

How does that work?

It was possible to collect 31 million hryvnias in a short time.

"We thank everyone who supported the project and helped to quickly accumulate the necessary amount. In the near future, the Foundation will purchase and hand over special equipment to the pilots.

Flame-resistant uniform consisting of flame-resistant jackets, trousers, balaclavas and gloves, as well as flight helmets. This is what literally saves the lives of pilots, because burns are one of the most common injuries and causes of death among helicopter crews that have suffered enemy damage.

Reports on the use of funds, as usual, can be seen on the official pages of "Come Back Alive" in social networks," said Oleg Karpenko, director of the Department of Development and Partnerships of the "Come Back Alive" Foundation.

The Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank, Gerhard Boesch, noted that the cooperation with the "Come Back Alive" fund was started in the first days of the full-scale war.

PrivatBank has become a platform that provides an opportunity for Ukrainians to join forces in charity and support each other in difficult times.

"The raising for equipment for pilots is one of the examples of the extremely high level of Ukrainians' empathy, their undeniable solidarity. We are grateful to all our customers who trust us and our partner and tirelessly continue to donate funds to bring victory closer." Boesch said.

Last year, PrivatBank clients transferred more than 1 billion hryvnias to help Ukraine's Armed Forces through the "Come Back Alive" Fund.


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