5 apr, 14:44

Ukrainian foresters have planted 48.2 million seedlings as part of the president's "Green Country" program

26 mar, 16:40

Ukraine plants one million trees in Kharkiv region

13 mar, 19:33

moscow authorities raze forests to deploy air defense systems – The Insider

12 mar, 20:00

Eco-solutions: 500km of forest roads to be built in Ukraine in 2023

25 feb, 12:45

Ukraine and EU to cooperate on forest conservation initiatives

25 nov, 14:25

Lighting fire energy-efficiently: how to spend less money, get more heat and minimize environmental damage

16 nov, 17:33

What will happen to forests after the war: fires, technology, and new species

6 nov, 11:59

In Ukraine, 20% of nature reserves, 3M hectares of forests affected by war - WWF

31 oct, 15:27

Where to pick mushrooms if you really want to: Rubryka found Ukraine's safe spots

1 sep, 10:46

UNDP Ukraine to help digitize forest industry

1 sep, 09:25

russian airstrike destroyed near Sumy many trees worth more than UAH 1.7 million

26 aug, 17:30

War and forest: how much firewood does Ukraine need for a new heating season, and what are the eco-solutions?

25 aug, 10:56

Ukraine's forestry agency announces online store launch for legally cut wood

20 jul, 16:20

230 hectares of wheat burnt to the shelling in the Kherson region

22 mar, 09:38

Fires are raging in Chornobyl zone: 7 outbreaks recorded

19 nov, 14:55

ATB plants 45 hectares of forest in four regions of Ukraine

8 nov, 12:04

Presidential decree on planting 1 billion trees fulfilled by 3.53%

20 oct, 14:37

Scientists in Zakarpattia studying Europe's largest beech virgin forest

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