She's got it
1 mar, 11:24

Every senior deserves attention: charity fund taking care of nursing homes

7 feb, 15:43

Dnipro Center for people with disabilities and elderly people evacuated from the war zone: solutions that save lives

Special Project
28 nov, 15:25

Uliana Pcholkina. On evacuation from Bucha and health of women with disabilities during war

24 nov, 19:18

"Memories of past peaceful life, rubber slippers, and little clothing": how seriously ill evacuate from war zone

3 oct, 09:17

New inclusive website provides Ukrainians with critical information on surviving the war

26 sep, 11:15

First cafe bakery with employees with mental disabilities opened in Kyiv

29 aug, 08:54

Disability organization, relocated from the east of Ukraine, organizes clean-ups in the west

10 jun, 16:47

How to evacuate a person with a disability: difficulties, emotions, contacts

12 apr, 16:15

Who and how helps blind people during the war: work, scholarships and education

30 dec, 11:55

Top 10 inclusive solutions of 2021: the best initiatives of Ukrainian activists and foreign innovations

6 dec, 15:11

A shop selling souvenirs made by children with disabilities opened in Lviv region

3 dec, 11:53

Useful Сonfectionery: how people with disabilities in Cherkasy region are helped by occupational therapy

11 nov, 14:49

Zbarazh Castle in Ternopil region is equipped for people with disabilities

25 may, 14:15

How to initiate inclusiveness in cities and villages: Chernivtsi activists' experience

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