13 apr, 10:22

Borscht for export: how to sell Ukrainian eco-friendly products in EU

6 apr, 17:23

Virastiuk's victory is a signal for Zelenskyi. What have Rada by-elections shown?

What's Happening
3 mar, 11:05

Three Shevchenkos, Virastiuk, Zvirobii, and Akhmetov's man. How oligarchs and the government are fighting for two seats in the Verkhovna Rada

9 feb, 16:27

If a presidential election took place now, Zelenskyi would win - Survey

28 jan, 13:11

War of heirs. Which of Kernes's "friends" will gain control over Kharkiv?

7 dec, 16:56

Number of female deputies in newly elected councils of large cities increases by 50% - Study

18 nov, 09:15

Biden won, but Trump doesn't leave: why White House battle is still ongoing in the US

17 nov, 23:15

First woman in Moldovan presidency: who's Maia Sandu

6 nov, 09:25

Counting votes in just 2 hours instead of 2 weeks: how Estonia organized e-elections

5 nov, 14:17

Lost ballots, debacles and unpredictable result: how Trump and Biden are fighting for US presidency

5 nov, 09:46

Ukraine offers a Donbas plan: Stop conflict and demilitarize ORDLO in early 2021, and hold elections there in March

4 nov, 13:08

G7 ambassadors discussed elections, coronavirus, and CCU with Poroshenko

3 nov, 12:57

Fence around the White House, ambiguous polls and preparations for the debacles: how US people choose between Trump and Biden

3 nov, 12:00

How Trump can stay in the White House

27 oct, 15:59

Hungary and Ukraine must find solutions to problems in bilateral relations on their own, EU spokesperson comments on conflict

26 oct, 15:13

Ukraine handed a note of protest to the Hungarian ambassador over Hungarian Minister Siarto's political agitation in the elections

26 oct, 10:43

Local elections turnout comprises 36.88% - CEC

What's Happening
25 oct, 19:42

Kids at Zelenskyi poll and "covid" booths: blunders of 2020 local elections

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