29 may, 10:05

Trump shocks donors by declaring he "would have bombed Moscow" in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine – WP

24 may, 10:59

US President may miss Ukrainian Peace Summit to focus on election fundraising – Bloomberg

16 mar, 16:25

Partisans sabotage pseudo-elections in Russian-occupied Skadovsk, leaving Russian invaders wounded

15 mar, 11:47

Russia will use "dead souls" of its soldiers to support Putin in elections – Ukraine's intelligence

9 mar, 19:48

Kremlin aims for 30% voter turnout in so-called "presidential elections" in occupied Ukrainian territories

19 dec, 08:58

Protests outbreak in Serbia following preliminary election results

18 dec, 09:50

Serbia's president's party is leading in parliamentary elections, opposition claims fraud

9 dec, 21:43

Ukraine condemns illegal and void Russian plans for presidential elections in occupied territories

30 nov, 19:39

No elections during the war: all political forces of Ukraine's parliament agree

23 nov, 11:28

Netherlands sees far-right party win elections: its leader stands against aid to Ukraine

8 nov, 09:10

"Consistent with their constitution": US backs Zelensky's reluctance to hold elections next spring

29 sep, 18:42

US isn't pressuring Ukraine to hold elections — president’s office

11 sep, 15:39

Russia fails "elections" in occupied territories of Kherson region – expert

11 sep, 14:38

EU denounces sham elections in Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia

10 sep, 16:14

Residents in Russian-occupied territories oppose pseudo-elections − Ukraine's intelligence

10 sep, 12:53

"Putin will not redraw the map as he pleases": Canadian PM on elections in occupied Ukraine's regions

9 sep, 19:44

Partisans eliminate Russians transporting "ballots" for pseudo-elections in occupied Kherson region

19 aug, 09:18

Russia ramps up distribution of Russian passports ahead of "elections'' in Ukraine's occupied territories – Deputy PM Vereshchuk

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