27 jul, 12:14

It'll take decades to restore Ukraine's nature after russia's war – ecologists

27 jul, 11:55

Sakurajima volcano erupts in Japan

27 jul, 11:52

Large-scale fires now contained in California

27 jul, 11:47

State Food and Consumer Service lists non-recommended beaches for swimming

27 jul, 11:44

Thermal power plants shelling may cause ecological catastrophe

27 jul, 09:23

Ukrainian scientists unite to assess russia's war impact on environment

27 jul, 09:17

Kremenchuk tragedy: environmental specialist believes most people suffered from poisoning after combustion

27 jul, 09:12

Scientists say there are far more dead Black Sea dolphins than they can record

26 jul, 18:55

Why are Black Sea dolphins dying, and how long will we have to wait to restore their population?

26 jul, 14:47

To plant or not to plant: how to garden in the city and not break law

26 jul, 12:19

New rules on taking your pet abroad you should know

26 jul, 11:36

A teen dies from deathly disease following swim in the pond

26 jul, 11:32

Baby meerkats born in Kharkiv Zoo

25 jul, 21:46

A film about the environmental consequences of warfare to be presented in Ukraine

25 jul, 15:40

War at sea: What's happening to life in waters of Black and Azov seas?

25 jul, 15:22

Trade unions call for a max working temperature cap for outdoor workers

25 jul, 10:49

The Zephyr solar-powered drone sets a new flight record

24 jul, 17:57

Volunteers hosted a rave-cleaning of the country club at the village plundered by russians in the Chernihiv region

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