29 jul, 08:45

russians changed "scorched earth" tactic to depriving Ukrainians of heat in winter

29 jul, 08:30

Ukrainian lands are becoming less productive, and nutritional value of products is lower than 50 years ago

29 jul, 08:15

War's environmental consequences: How to dispose of waste from destroyed infrastructure?

28 jul, 23:05

Ukrainian scientists to assess impact of russia's war on environment with aerial photography

28 jul, 22:46

russians will have to answer: ecologists made a list of crimes against environment for July

28 jul, 22:05

Shelling of oil tankers in Black Sea threatens flora and fauna, biologist says

28 jul, 19:20

Ukrainian scientists name causes of dolphin deaths in the Black Sea

28 jul, 18:24

Coca-Cola to stop producing Sprite in green bottles from August

28 jul, 17:11

How does veganism work in the military?

28 jul, 17:06

Pet fur is collected in Lviv to help Ukraine’s Armed Forces

28 jul, 17:02

National Guardsmen saved baby swallows

28 jul, 16:15

Soil degradation and the disappearance of the steppe: what to do?

28 jul, 12:52

Radioactive substances were illegally exported from the Chornobyl NPP in 2015-2016

28 jul, 12:08

Scientists' study shows evidence of mass extinction of planet's biodiversity

28 jul, 10:35

New NASA satellite to make the world’s first global freshwater survey

28 jul, 09:13

russians destroyed the water supply system in Donbas, 4 million people left without water

28 jul, 09:01

2022 Earth Overshoot Day is today, 28 July

27 jul, 14:02

russia uses banned phosphorus bombs in Ukraine: what will happen to the environment?

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