26 jun, 19:25

Biden urged the world to accelerate the transition to “clean” energy against the backdrop of the Russian war

26 jun, 10:06

A missile flew critically low above the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant – Energoatom

25 jun, 22:59

Russian strike damages nuclear installation in Kharkiv

25 jun, 21:06

Germany's Scholz wants G7 'climate club' to combat energy crisis

25 jun, 17:29

Forest fires, war, and unexpected consequences: what to do with conflagration?

24 jun, 20:15

Food security: how to protect yourself and your family from starvation in the fall

24 jun, 10:44

City gardening and horticulture space in Lviv helps migrants cope with stress

21 jun, 20:17

Ukrainian pupils won 51 awards in GENIUS Olympiad 2022

20 jun, 16:13

Verkhovna Rada passed the law on waste management

20 jun, 08:30

Ukraine to launch a national network of electric car charging stations

17 jun, 17:15

"Even we, sappers, don't know all these insidious mines": how Kyiv region is demined

15 jun, 17:48

russia's attacks on chemical plants: what is the danger to water and soil and how to identify it?

15 jun, 16:48

Due to hostilities, Ukrainian farmers were unable to sow some crop varieties

15 jun, 10:26

Mariupol has not a single lab left to test water quality, expert says

13 jun, 16:30

Grain sprouting through a fire: how a breeding center in the Kharkiv region lives after missile strikes

13 jun, 10:27

IAEA confirms resuming contact with russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant and insists on a quick visit

13 jun, 09:27

8 hectares of ecosystems in Kharkiv region burned down because of russian shelling

11 jun, 13:05

Mariupol, sanitary disaster and epidemics: what to do?

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