23 oct, 20:51

United to win: Germany to assist Ukraine in gathering evidence of Russia's environmental crimes

22 oct, 16:30

Ukraine opens "Climate Office" to lead green reconstruction and reduce carbon footprint

21 oct, 19:40

Russia has committed 2,500 environmental crimes since full-scale war's beginning – Ukraine's ministry

20 oct, 11:21

No Waste Ukraine awards companies for maintaining waste sorting during war

15 oct, 15:58

Ukraine's western Lviv to establish intercept parking lots to unload city and reduce risks for ecology

14 oct, 09:53

Eco-solution: Ukrainian court in western Ternopil fines local enterprise $27,000 for polluting river

13 oct, 15:42

It's too early to forget: how did the Kakhovka disaster affect farmers in the south of Ukraine, and what solutions are already working?

10 oct, 13:39

What is wrong with the Homilsha Woods in the Kharkiv region?

10 oct, 12:08

Under the impact of war: what to do with destruction waste in communities?

9 oct, 14:20

Instead of blueberries, a stinking swamp: what is the problem with jeeps in the Carpathians and what to do about it

8 oct, 15:35

Ukrainian government allocates over $190,000 to civilians to overcome Kakhovka dam explosion aftermath

8 oct, 14:36

Solutions to win: Vinnytsia students rally to collect over 2.5 tons of plastic in aid of Ukrainian army

6 oct, 15:43

Green reconstruction: the community in Mykolaiv region is already using an eco-friendly approach to restoration

6 oct, 08:55

Satellite intelligence reveals evidence of Russia using Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant as military cover

4 oct, 14:26

Ukraine commits to upgrade waste management, aligning landfills with EU standards by 2030 – environmental ministry

3 oct, 09:07

Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine has caused 120 million tons of carbon emissions in the past year

30 sep, 15:29

Ukrainian environmentalists release 15,000 Danube salmon, repopulating rivers with protected species

21 sep, 13:38

The term "ecocide" should be defined as new crime in international law – Ukraine's environment minister

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