19 aug, 12:15

Ukrainian way: how renaming streets and squares abroad helps Ukraine

1 aug, 10:15

How to organize a rally in support of Ukraine abroad and why it is important

16 jul, 18:05

Holding an informational front: website for Ukrainian refugees

18 jun, 21:51

85% of Ukrainian refugees declare a friendly attitude towards them

13 jun, 09:00

An online library of world media front pages about Ukraine has been created in Ukraine

30 mar, 15:06

Ukrainian volunteers launch an info platform for foreigners who want to help Ukraine

15 mar, 19:30

How can I support Ukraine from abroad? 

What's Happening
3 feb, 14:15

Say No To Putin: how the Ukrainian diaspora around the world supports the Motherland

17 dec, 14:27

How to adapt to your employer's country and not feel like an outcast?

23 oct, 19:29

53% of Ukrainians associate the Ukrainian diaspora primarily with Canada

16 oct, 12:04

Ukraine to open consulate general in Wroclaw this year

What's Happening
5 oct, 20:05

Dual citizenship in Ukraine: advantages, threats, and pitfalls

22 sep, 09:49

We will implement the idea of dual citizenship - Zelenskyy to US diaspora

3 sep, 09:15

"Anything is possible": Zelenskyy delivers a speech about "Ukrainian goal" at Stanford

27 jul, 10:18

Almost 4,400 Ukrainians received Pole's Card this year

25 jul, 12:23

Up to five million Ukrainians work abroad

11 jul, 17:35

Ambassador: Ukrainian cultural center should be created in Italy

10 jul, 21:10

Ukrainian language is cementing factor for unification of Ukrainian communities abroad – Kremin

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