25 oct, 19:57

Crimea Platform Parliamentary Summit participants adopted joint declaration

19 oct, 10:41

Iranian instructors have arrived in occupied Crimea to teach occupiers how to use drones — NYT

16 oct, 14:45

Ukraine's armed forces spokeperson: russian unable to redeploy reserves across Crimea Bridge

8 oct, 09:04

Traffic on Crimean Bridge completely stopped, huge queues at petrol stations

8 oct, 08:07

Road section of Crimean Bridge destroyed – Ukraine’s Air Force

27 sep, 11:14

russia's plans for annexed territories of Ukraine: kremlin plans to create "Crimean District"

20 sep, 11:48

russia withdraws submarines from Crimea due to Ukrainian missile threat – British intelligence

6 sep, 15:42

Activists distribute pro-Ukrainian leaflets in cities of occupied Crimea

26 aug, 16:31

russia's leadership is withdrawing planes from Crimea after air bases attacks — media

23 aug, 16:14

Scholz: world will never recognize russia's attempts to annex Ukrainian territories

23 aug, 15:07

President Zelensky: russia's degradation began with seizure of Crimea

23 aug, 14:05

60 leaders to take part in Crimea Platform's second summit

20 aug, 10:33

Blasts heard near Yevpatoriia, russians fight off UAVs – Chubarov

19 aug, 22:16

Explosion in Sevastopol: UAV crash into russia’s ‘Black Sea Fleet HQ’

18 aug, 18:51

Romania to participate in Crimea Platform second summit

17 aug, 13:23

Three G7 countries confirm their participation in Crimean Platform online summit

17 aug, 09:58

British intelligence believes russia's situation worsened sharply after explosions in Crimea

16 aug, 13:46

Explosions reported on another russian airbase in occupied Crimea

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