27 jan, 19:58

Chernihiv historical center planned to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List

31 aug, 20:30

How ecologists record crimes against environment: photo report from Chernihiv region

30 aug, 11:58

russia's environmental crimes in the Chernihiv region: how to make the occupier pay?

12 jun, 15:43

German sister city donated 152 thousand dollars to Chernihiv

30 mar, 11:13

Despite promises to withdraw troops, Russian troops shelled Chernihiv and Nizhyn at night, Head of Administration reports

23 mar, 08:44

In Chernihiv, Russian invaders bombed a road bridge leading to Kyiv

22 mar, 17:23

Humanitarian catastrophe: There is no electricity or water in Chernihiv, people are cooking on fire

17 mar, 14:41

New enemy shelling in Chernihiv hurt civilian population

12 mar, 10:49

Chernihiv left without electricity, gas, water, and heating - Head Of Regional Administration

5 mar, 14:16

Another enemy plane shot down near Chernihiv; air bombs found near wreckage

5 mar, 10:41

During the day, Chernihiv systematically bombed by aircraft

3 mar, 20:39

Chernihiv: death toll rose to 33, rescue operations suspended because of shelling

3 mar, 15:30

Occupiers fire on high-rise buildings and schools in Chernihiv

1 mar, 12:50

My team is around the city, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE ENEMY - Chernihiv mayor

28 feb, 20:23

Сhernihiv mayor Atroshenko addresses Gomel residents and Belarusians

28 feb, 14:27

The enemy mercilessly shells Chernihiv

25 feb, 13:15

The most dangerous situation is at the North-West of Kyiv, but the enemy is running out of missiles - Office of the President

25 feb, 12:30

The Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the enemy’s offense in Chernihiv region: they destroyed around 20 tanks

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