08:38 18 Apr 2024

Death toll rises to 18, with 77 injured in Russian missile strike on Chernihiv

Photo: State Emergency Service

As of Thursday morning, April 18, it has been reported that there are 18 fatalities and 77 injuries in Chernihiv following the Russian missile attack on April 17.

The State Emergency Service reported this on Telegram.

"As of this morning, a total of 18 individuals have passed away, and 77 have sustained injuries, including four children. Additionally, three individuals were successfully rescued from the debris. 58 individuals have also received psychological services," the message reads.

1,580 tons of construction waste were removed.

As noted by the State Emergency Service, emergency and rescue operations are ongoing; as of 7:24 a.m., it was possible to disassemble 71% of the destroyed part of the building.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that one of the fatalities was a 25-year-old police officer who was supposed to be off work yesterday due to illness. According to the police, she was in her car at the time of the crash and was fatally struck on the head by debris that penetrated the roof.

In addition, the day before, it was reported that six people were considered missing in the city.

More than 20 apartment buildings were damaged as a result of the impact. City services are already working to provide the necessary assistance quickly.

A relief center will be set up in the city for affected residents to apply for and receive necessary aid.

"Today's tragedy in Chernihiv could not have happened if Ukraine had more means of anti-missile defense. The procrastination of our Western partners leads to an increase in the number of innocent victims in Ukraine," said Lomako.

For reference:

On the morning of April 17, the Russian forces attacked the densely populated district of Chernihiv, and the number of victims might be increasing.

Oleksandr Lomako, acting Mayor of Chernihiv, said the search operation is ongoing.

Furthermore, according to acting Mayor Oleksandr Lomako, there was a strike on a critical social infrastructure facility in Chernihiv. The enemy launched three rockets at the city.

"It is known about 17 people who were killed by Russia with its missiles today in Chernihiv. 78 people went to hospitals; they received all the necessary help. More than 40 people were hospitalized," said Lomako.

The spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Illia Yevlash, said on the air of the telethon that the Russian occupiers used the usual tactics of terrorizing the civilian population during the shelling of Ukraine. According to him, the enemy continues to use the geographical location of the cities and continues to hit front-line territories, such as Kharkiv and Chernihiv.

April 18 was announced as a Day of Mourning in Chernihiv for those who lost their lives in the Russian missile attacks.

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